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🖐 What is a Fiveable Class?

We're exploring new ways to support students in academic and non-academic topics this school year. A Fiveable Class is a one-off or series of virtual events curated on a specific topic led by a qualified Fiveable Host using Fiveable Rooms.

In the past, we managed and hosted our own events such as Advanced Placement (AP®) Crams, SAT®, ACT®, and College Admissions Programs. However, timing of classes and school years didn't always align, and more importantly, the classes were too long. And so we went back to the drawing board. We asked ourselves: what do students need support in all year round?

*Fiveable Classes enters the chat*

Now, we're looking for another solution to support students. By empowering our community to host their own events in Fiveable Rooms, we're building a new generation of student leaders that are helping to inspire confidence and agency in every student on any topic they can imagine.

How do Fiveable Classes work?

  1. Every class will be led by a vetted Fiveable Host (student, teacher, or career professional). Events are managed by the Host themselves, not Fiveable.
  2. Your Host will work with your group to create brief community agreements to set the vibe and intention of the room.
  3. When you meet, you'll go over the assigned curriculum and content for that event. You'll use Fiveable Rooms as a way to communicate, organize, and work together.
  4. Before and after each event, you'll be sent a quick 1-minute survey gauging your confidence level on the topic, along with feedback for the host and/or Fiveable.
  5. That's it! Join as many classes as you'd like.


Host a live event on Fiveable Rooms and get paid up to $35 per event

Build student confidence in school and life by monetizing your passions and interests.