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🖐 What is a Fiveable Study Hall?

Fiveable Study Halls are virtual, live group tutoring events curated on a specific class subject led by a qualified Fiveable Host using Fiveable Rooms.

Sometimes you need a little extra help when studying a subject or preparing for a test. This is where Fiveable Study Halls comes in! Vetted Fiveable Hosts will run small group tutoring hours to help you better understand course or test material.  And the best part: Fiveable Study Halls are hosted by students, so they’ve been where you are prepping for AP Bio exam or trying to remember world history facts.

We believe that Fiveable Study Halls will offer another solution to support students. By empowering our community to host their own Study Halls in Fiveable Rooms, we're building a new generation of student leaders that are helping to inspire confidence and agency in every student.

How do Fiveable Study Halls work?

  1. Every Study Hall will be led by a vetted Fiveable Host. Events are managed by the Host themselves, not Fiveable.
  2. When you meet, the Study Hall Host will provide instructions for asking questions and the rules of the Study Hall (be respectful!)You'll use Fiveable Rooms as a way to communicate, organize, and work together.
  3. Before and after each event, you'll be sent a quick 1-minute survey gauging your confidence level on the topic, along with feedback for the host and/or Fiveable.
  4. That's it! Join as many Fiveable Study Halls as you like.


Host a live event on Fiveable Rooms and get paid up to $35 per event

Build student confidence in school and life by monetizing your passions and interests.